10 winter vegetables for your home garden

When you see your first tomato growing on the vine of your garden and the temperature is decreasing and when you remember how you ate roasted vegetables. And if you want to have a party in your garden in winter, then you have to think about it and do something right now.

Right time

Every year, many people call me and say that they are very keen to start their garden in winter this year but I feel bad telling them that they are 2 months late to do this. Vegetables that can be harvested by the middle of October, those vegetables can often be planted between the end of July to the middle of august. If you grow vegetables later, those vegetables will take time to be prepared and by then the temperature will increase a lot, due to which these vegetables can have a bad effect.

Why winter vegetable garden

Most people think that they need some special tools or extra knowledge to start their winter garden but all these things are not true at all. You can plant many vegetables in your garden without any special information or without any special tool. If you plan and plant these vegetables properly, then the vegetables this winter will tolerate even if the temperature is too low.

And the best thing about growing winter vegetables is that it is very easier than growing it in summer. It is very easy to grow winter vegetables. Because the days are short in winter and if the grass is grown in your garden, it will dry up in the summer and will not be able to grow again. And because the weather is cool, you do not have that much focus on giving water in your garden.

If you have to start your own winter vegetable garden, then there is no need for a greenhouse or any special tools for this. You just have to take care that all the vegetables that you want to grow in winter are chosen correctly and start growing them at the right time.

In areas where the winter is not as harsh, many plants are grown there throughout the year. Sometimes the summer days are too hot for some plants which are outside the tolerance for the vegetables of winter days. Some vegetables that you can plant in the winter are okra tomatoes and you can harvest these vegetables when it is ready even in the middle of winter.

Focus on 4 things

  •  Choose the right vegetables and plants
  •  In the beginning your plants should grow a little
  •  Plant such a way that the plant get light and sunlight 
  •  And protect your plants well

Place of planting

Your plants should be grown before winter starts, some plants will be growing and some plants will be ready. So you have to start these seeds long before winter comes.

In many areas, the right date to plant the seeds is in the middle of July and September. Started in the least temperature using lights in a room where the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius.

Where to plant

The place where it is easy to reach. Because the vegetables planted in winter need to be checked, and if you have difficulty in reaching there, then you will not be able to see at the right time.

Many people plant their plants in a place which is close to their home, and they can easily go to garden and if snow falls in winter than they can reach there easily and take care of their plants. 

Vegetables that are planted in the ground can be planted anywhere, but the plants that grow above the ground should be planted in such a place where sunlight and warmth can be easily reachable in winter so it could grow in the right way.

For sunlight to reach your plants easily, you should use covers that are transparent such as glass coverings or clear covers or such plastic which is transparent. Because the sunlight can reach your plants easily.

When you plant in your garden, also take care that water is easily available there. Although winter vegetables do not require the same amount of water as summer vegetables need.

How to protect plants

You have to protect your plants in winter, from very cold winds and snow, you can use many materials for this, like you can use plastic covers.

  • Mulch (pine needles, straw, leaves)
  • Cold frame 
  • Greenhouse
  • Row cover fabric
  • Plastic or polyethylene hoops
  • Use of more than one material will increase your plant production significantly.
  • Put a cold frame inside a greenhouse.

10 winter vegetables for your winter garden

Kale: is also a very important vegetable for growing in your winter garden. This vegetable will also continue to give you fruits for many months. The special thing about this vegetable is that this vegetable can tolerate very cold temperatures without any problems or problems.

Kohlrabi: this vegetable is also very different because its name is very strange, its shape is also slightly different and a lot of people are not aware of this vegetable. But in winter, this gives you a sweetness which is different. You can also pick this vegetable several times and you will also get it in large quantities. Just as you can grow it in the summer days and in the same quantity. You can also make many tasty dishes from this vegetable in your kitchen and you can enjoy them. 

This vegetable is used in many Asian countries in which you can enjoy it with garlic, oil, rice and many other things.

Planting date: 8/15

Parsnips: to use this vegetable, you have to wait for a long time, and when this vegetable is available, then it gives you a very new and good flavor. 

You can roast this vegetable and use it, if you find potatoes with it, you can also make a tasty dish by using a little chili salt in it.

Seeding date: 7/17/15

Rutabaga: this winter vegetable is also completely different. This is due to descending of the vegetable and there is also a kind of sweetness inside it like we get inside the potato

This vegetable can tolerate the highest winter of all vegetables grown in winter. You can keep this vegetable for several days when storing it, so the special thing about the vegetable is it tolerates low temperatures, and you can store it for several days.

Seeding date: 8/1

Spinach: spinach is a leafy vegetable that is also delicate but at the same time it can tolerate the harsh winter climate. So when you use the spinach in your garden, you always get pleasure. The special thing about spinach is that you can grow it very quickly and it is ready for harvest much quicker than other vegetables. Some of its varieties are Giant winter and lumsden.

Planting date: 9/1

Beets: you can easily grow this popular vegetable throughout the year, but it is actually very sweet when you grow in winter and in cold temperature. And as it is a root vegetable, you should always grow it from seed.

Seeding date: 7/15

Cabbage: this vegetable is very tasty and you can have it in good quantity in the winter if you compete with it in the summer. If you grow your cabbage in the middle of august, it will take time till December and February to get ready for harvesting. This vegetable is used very much in winter and it is also very good for your health.

Planting date: 8/15

Cauliflower: cauliflower that is available at the end of winter is very good. Cauliflower is grown in very large quantities in winter and their size is also very big. You get only one cauliflower from the cauliflower plant, but if you grow it properly in winter, then its size will be large, which is a good thing. You can cook cauliflower in many ways like you can roast and eat it or you can also make its soup.

Planting date: 8/15

Carrot: carrot is a very important vegetable for many people to plant in their winter garden. Very little space to grow carrots and you can use them in many types of dishes. Carrots can be grown for about 10 months in a year and carrots are very capable of tolerating cold. Always grow carrots in your winter garden.

You can start planting carrots in August.

Seeding date: 8/1

Collard greens: many people associate this vegetable with summer, but this vegetable is actually very good to use in winter. If you also plant it, then it will give you lots of leaves in the coming winter days.

Planting date: 8/15

Sprouting broccoli: broccoli does not survive so well during winter, you should grow sprouting broccoli in the garden when winter is over. Sprouting broccoli is totally different from broccoli. It is related to broccoli and this vegetable will provide a very good option in your kitchen in winter. 

It is completely ready for you by the end of winter and whenever it is ready for harvest, its quantity is very good, so when you use it, it will become your favorite vegetable for winter. You can use it just like a sprouting broccoli right now, it also gives a kind of sweetness and good color which many vegetables are not able to give to you in winter.

Planting date: 8/15

Turnips: turnips also can tolerate winter well. It will also be very easy, and grows up quickly and tolerates cold environments. There are a lot of varieties of this vegetable, so keep in mind that you choose the right variety that can tolerate winter because many varieties cannot tolerate winter. As you know that this is a root vegetable, it should be always grown from seeds like we grow carrots. Purple top white globe is a very famous type.

Seeding date: 8/15

Now that the month of September is almost over, you still have a chance if you want to start your winter garden, then you should check the dates which we have mentioned and according to those dates you can prepare yourself for this year or for the next year.

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