Terrestrial Plants

Terrestrial Plants

Terrestrial Plants. Field ecologists take samples from herbaceous clips on the site of the Lajas experimental station. Plants convert the energy of the sun’s carbon dioxide (CO2) into living matter, energy that sustains life and drives ecosystem processes. They provide oxygen (O2), which is essential for all life on Earth and forms the basis of … Read more

Is chocolate a fruit? 2021 All you need to know about the chocolate

Is Chocolate A Fruit?

Is Chocolate A Fruit? When I teach various courses on chocolate making, I can make chocolate myself, and it is of course a pleasure to pass on my knowledge. Sometimes the questions are technical and detailed, such as the tempering and crystallization processes of chocolate, but others are more general and simply practical, such as … Read more

Cultivar complete information


The word cultivar comes from the combination of cultivar and variety, a subspecies classification that describes plant varieties produced by artificial selection. Cultivar is an internationally recognised term that formally defines the characteristics by which certain plants can be distinguished from each other. A variety is considered a variety, and if people choose it because … Read more

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