How do trees reproduce? All the details of tree reproduction…

How Do Trees Reproduce?

How Do Trees Reproduce? You may be wondering if trees can multiply and produce baby trees.  These trees are considered asexual – that is, each individual tree has a female and a male flower. They reproduce during cultivation through the exchange of pollen between the female and male reproductive systems. They depend on evolution and … Read more

Do plants have genders? Very interesting facts

Do Plants Have Genders?

Do Plants Have Genders? Well, I am not the one who answers that question. But I know eggplants are boys and peaches are girls. Eggplants have fruits, fruits, seed-bearing structures, developing ovaries, flowering plants and fruits with female parts. Think about it the next time you’re tempted to use an eggplant emoji. The thing is, … Read more

What do plants eat? The Plant Food

What Do Plants Eat?

What Do Plants Eat? Most gardeners are aware of the important relationship between plants and light. The Garden Reference emphasizes how important it is to provide various plants with sufficient light both indoors and outdoors. However, I am not sure gardeners understand that light is essential for plants and that sun-loving plants alone do not … Read more

When to prune orange trees? Orange tree tips

When To Prune Orange Trees?

When To Prune Orange Trees? Orange pruning You can prune citrus fruits like this orange tree. Read on to find out more. Citrus are evergreen fruit carriers that do not require as much pruning as their deciduous trees. If you want to prune an orange tree, now is the right time to prune it. Unpruned … Read more

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