Companion Planting For Grapes

Spring has brought the first signs of spring and a new harvest of wild celery in the garden, and it is planned to train a wire fence-style fence. I # ve planted a bed that borders the garden fence, and my plans are for it to be trained on the other side of the fence with a 2-foot-high fence line.

I started to think about what would be good to plant there, which plants would benefit from it and what I should avoid getting too close to the vines. It is so unfortunate, when the vines grow vertically, the entire bed will be bare, so no space is wasted.

Here’s what I’ve found out…

Bees love their flowers, and hyssop is a great companion plant for grapes, it helps to stimulate the growth and flavor of the grapes and acts as a deterrent against pests.

Geraniums are great for keeping pests such as the dreaded aphids away from the vines, and they are a great companion plant for wild blackberries. The wild blackberry, which grows for miles on a vine, forms a useful parasite that destroys eggs and leaf funnels.

Clover, like grapes, increases soil fertility, chives help ward off aphids and help protect plants from pests such as aphids.

Mulching with wood chips or tree pruning brings just the right amount of nitrogen into the soil and is very beneficial for plants. These vines thrive well with elms and mulberries and are popular in the US and other parts of the world. They are not planted with cabbage or radishes, but with other vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and radish.

I happen to have a few hyssop seeds, but I’m not sure I should try them anyway, so I freshened them up today. Hyssops are perennials, and if you can get them going, I look forward to seeing the plants return every year. I have been growing them in my garden for the past few years, in spring from seed and then again in late summer.

It would be a nice way to brighten up a room and attract some useful pollinators, and there are also some medical applications I would like to experiment with at some point. I think I’ll plant a few geraniums on the vines, too, but this is another project for another day.

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