how to cut a Pomegranate? |Pomegranate cutting tips

How To Cut A Pomegranate? The easiest way to cut a pomegranate is with this short video tutorial. Once you have tried this method of sowing a leek shell, you will never be back. This is the easiest, most convenient and fastest way, and it is also the most affordable, especially when buying granite cores.

Pomegranates contain hundreds of ruby red seeds known as aryls, which are in high season in the winter months. The seeds are full of healthy polyphenols, three times more than green tea and red wine.

While I was in the grocery store, I heard two people discussing whether or not to buy a whole pomegranate or a cup of seeds. The person who was in favour of buying the whole fruit believed that it was a better deal to spend a few dollars on the fruit than to spend five dollars on a cup worth. The other interfered to say how much he disliked sowing pomegranates and how much he had to pay extra for the convenience of not having to deal with the trouble. My judgment was far away at the time, so I bought the cup, which inspired a little experiment.

I wanted to find out how many cups of pomegranate seeds I could get from a granite core. When I started to think about it, I wondered if most people knew how to cut granite in an easy way.

the easiest way to cut a pomegranate:

Place the open side of the pomegranate in the palm of your hand in a large bowl. Start by beating the fruit with the back of a wooden spoon until the seeds fall out of your hand and into the bowl. Squeeze the fruit like an orange. Now both sides are stretched out wide.

Use a flat, heavy wooden spoon or spatula to beat. Stretch the sides of the bowl to loosen the skin. Result about 1 / 2 inch in the middle. Repeat with the other side.

They will begin to release the Arils. Squeeze the juice out of the orange and turn. Remove some of the white membrane from the bowl. Stretch the skin, just shy of it.

How many cups/seeds will a pomegranate yield?

So for a pomegranate that costs 2-3 dollars, you basically get two cups of seeds worth 10 dollars. So basically it makes about 2 cups of seeds.

How to store pomegranate seeds:

Freeze, then store in a zippered bag. Fresh pomegranate seeds can be frozen for later use by laying or lining them on a single layer of baking sheet with parchment. Up to 5 days in the refrigerator.

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