How to grow a pineapple?

Today we will discuss how to grow a pineapple. You can propagate the pineapple from a slip for pineapple top. When you are growing pineapple from the top this procedure may take some weeks to months in comparison when you grow pineapples from slips. Every outer section of the pineapple is just like a berry. Pineapple contains flowers which will bloom and every pineapple consists of 200 berry flowers.

How to grow a pineapple

Pineapple characteristics

First ever pineapple was introduced by Christopher Columbus its native place is south america but Columbus took it with him in the old world.Pineapple harvesting is bi annual so you can harvest pineapple twice a year. The height of the pineapple can be reached to a maximum 5 feet. If you count from its sharp leaves which are connected to the stem of the pineapple. Soon the stem develops flowers of deep colors and each color consists of pineapple fruit.

Hummingbirds are the natural pollinators for the pineapple plants. Seeds are not liked by the commercial farmers so pollination is avoided.Breeding is done for selective plants and varieties in controlled environments. That is the reason why hummingbirds are prohibited in Hawaiian islands to avoid pollination while growing pineapple.

How long does it take to grow a pineapple?

Many consider pineapple plants to be herbaceous perennials and claim that pineapple plants will produce fruits only one time and after that it will die but in reality perennial plants produce fruits for many many years. And on the other hand annual plants will give fruit once and after giving the fruits these plants die. Many gardeners claim to have multiple pineapple fruits in a year so this is the the very unique fruit and with many different mysteries. 

You will get your pineapple fruit in the central stem of the pineapple plant. So when you take out the pineapple fruit only roots will be left in the ground and these roots will again grow some shoots and from the shoots new pineapple can be grown. Estimated pineapple plant life is around 4 years if you’re constantly harvesting the pineapple fruit on time.

How to grow a pineapple

How long does a pineapple take to grow

As there are many varieties of pineapple so there is no fix duration can be set for all pineapples there are many varieties 

  1. Giant kew – grown in India, fruits average 6-10lbs. The core is too large to produce canned slices.
  2. Monte lirio – grown in central america and mexico, popular European export. 
  3. Smooth cayenne – world’s most popular pineapple. From Venezuela, it’s low fiber, sweet flavor, juice, and absence of spines has gained popularity among growers.
  4. Hilo – Small crown, large fruit a smooth cayenne variant grown in Hawaii. 
  5. St. Michael – a large 4-5lb fruit when ripe.

And this also depends on the way the plant was started in the beginning.

You need to wait at least 10 to 15 months for the pineapples to flower. A new few planting it from the seed will take around 18 months so that you can transplant in the ground. 

How to grow a pineapple from a pineapple

At least two years will be required from when you start growing the pineapples either from seeds or from slips. As soon as the size of the fruits is mature and after one month from this it will get ripe. You can pick it before it gets ripe but it will have an effect on its taste but sweetness can be the same so it is best advice to pick a pineapple when it is yellow.

Slips are best for propagation of the pineapple as they will produce the fastest and commercial growers also use them on a very big scale. So the less slips there the more it will be commercially successful.

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