How to grow carrot at home

In this article we will give you simple steps about how to grow carrot at home. Carrots can be easy to grow, and we can use it in many ways in our daily cooking.  Carrots are a very versatile vegetable and also a very good source of fiber, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin K1  and  many antioxidants.

How to grow carrot at home

Your parents must have told you about how many benefits this yummy and tasty vegetable has and when you grow it up at your home it’s a bonus.

Carrots are very healthy vegetables, and they are very useful in improving your immunity as well as your eyesight. It also reduces cholesterol level and helps in reducing the risk of cancer.

As carrots has so many health benefits so why not everybody wants unlimited access to carrots and take the benefits and special grow them in their home garden. Here I’ll tell you how to grow carrots at your home with a few simple and easy steps. So let’s discuss the things you require before you start growing carrots at home.

What you need to know

First of all decide whether you want open pollinated seeds or heirloom seeds. Heirloom seeds means they are specially chosen by the farming families because they have very good quality, and they are using the seeds from many generations. On the other hand open pollinated seeds have fertilized the natural way by the help of birds, moths, bees, wind or rain. OP seeds can sometimes be heirloom, we should be aware of this fact and also the process of fertilization takes place with naturally. 

How to grow carrots at home 

How to grow carrots at home 
  1. Carrots need to be planted 1 cm deep within the soil so it starts germinating within 2 to 3 weeks.
  2.  If you are planting many rows be sure to separate them 15 cm apart from one another, so they have proper space for growing.
  3. You can reduce the spacing to 8 cm as soon as the carrots leaves start to appear.
  4. If you like baby carrots you can have them only when you don’t thin the plants.
  5. You can grow carrots in a pot at your home however, ensure it should get daily sunlight for minimum 3 to 4 hours.
  6. One thing should be remembered that when carrots are planted in a pot they should be moved in the garden after 2 weeks

Carrots require very less attention when they are in the growing stage. But there are a few things you should keep in mind when growing carrots at home in your garden. As an example pH level should be optimum of the soil at 6  and you also need to put some mulch and some nutrients like flowers, stem, organic neem and seaweed extract to make sure the growing is nice and in proper quantities for consumption.  And also regularly water your plant to keep the oxygen levels proper. Fungus should not be grown on the carrot roots. That’s why watering is very important.

How to harvest carrots

How to harvest carrots

After planting the seeds 2 to 3 months you can harvest your fully grown carrots as soon as your carrots diameter reaches 1.3 cm you can start harvesting.  And also make sure to make a plan if you want to store them for a longer period of time.

  1. The best technique to harvest is on the area around the root of the carrot, hold it gently and pull out.
  2. Try to avoid holding the carrots with the foliage, you might just pull out the leaves instead of carrots try to avoid pulling the leaves.
  3. After finishing harvesting all your carrots, put them in a container or basket, clean them properly with water and you can eat or store them as you wish.

It totally depends on you how you want to use your carrots. When you finish harvesting. To utilize them in cooking or whether to store them for future use.  In many countries there are many dishes prepared with carrots. In India, it is used in a sweet dish called gajar ka halwa . Many countries make cakes, pickles, muffin, soups, health drinks etc.  

By following these simple steps you can grow carrots at your home and enjoy them raw or baked as you wish. 

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