How to grow watermelon

Watermelon ​is grown in all parts of the country, however the hotter temperatures and longer ​summers ​of ​the ​​south ​are​​ ​particularly favorable for​ ​this juicy treat. In ​northern states choose short season types​, start seeds early indoors​, and do anything it takes to guard ​this ​​cold sensitive crop from frost.​

How to grow watermelon ​– available in many shapes and ​sizes — ​in properly labored soil below complete sun in the end threat of frost has exceeded. Provide them lots of room ​to roam ​and maintain the patch nicely watered. While the melon responds to a rap out of your knuckles with an excellent resonant thunk, it’s equipped!

Watermelon isn’t always only low in energy it’s packed complete with nutrients and precious health advantages. Thirst fulfilling fruits are a great supply of vitamins a and c and potassium, beta carotene and nutritional fiber. Additionally, they consist of excellent sized quantities of lycopene, an effective anti cancer compound. So go ahead and devour it up!

Fun truth: explorers like to store water in this flavorful fruit, same as a canteen.

Quick manual: growing, planting & harvesting watermelon

How to watermelon
  • Select a watermelon based totally in your weather — quick season types exist!
  • Begin seeds indoors or select nutrient rich soil outdoors in full sun
  • Warm the soil and offer extra coverage for cooler climate
  • Water and fertilize frequently for optimal consequences
  • Offer lots of area for vines and fruit
  • Seek advice from a clairvoyant to decide while to harvest — it’s an art type
  • Pests and illnesses consist of aphids, mites, cucumber beetles, squash insects, anthracnose, alternaria leaf spot, fusarium wilt, and curly top

Get the site ready

Planting watermelon

Choose a site where your vegetation gets full sun and proper air flow. A mild, south facing slope is good. Watermelons grow in lots of types of soil, however choose a sandy, light, fertile loam which drains effortlessly. Add generous quantities of manure, compost and leaves for your garden and work the soil properly previous to planting. Melons like masses of water, so keep the soil wet at all times.

How to start planting watermelon seeds

watermelon seeds

In cooler climates, begin watermelon seeds interior three four weeks before the last frost date and watch the climate cautiously before planting outside.

For direct seeding, try to soak seeds inside compost tea for 15 mins before planting. Plant in hills half to one inch deep. For most types, sow to 3 seeds per hill, spacing the hills eight to ten ft aside. Thin seedlings within the hill to two seedlings one week when they have germinated. Small bush types can be spaced three ft aside.


If black or clear plastic was used to pre heat the bed, reduce holes within the plastic and set the plant life half to at least one inch deeper than they have been planted in their containers. Water very well after transplanting.

Watermelons are heavy feeders. Practice a natural fertilizer throughout planting. Spray plants with seaweed extract, liquid fertilizer at some point of the garden season. Cut again on nitrogen levels after flowers shape. Keep with phosphorous and potassium applications till simply before harvest.

Tip: use harvest guard row cover to heat the air and soil round heat loving vegetation. It could additionally be used as a barrier to guard plant life from invading pests.

Harvesting watermelons

Harvesting watermelons

Figuring out when to harvest watermelons could be tough and calls for a little experience. For the majority part while ripe, the tendril on the stem end dries and turn in brown, the bottom of the fruit change to cream colored or yellow and it will yield good, resonant sound when thumped.

Permit eighty ninety days for bush types to attain maturity and ninety a hundred days or extra for the larger types.

Insect & disease issues

Insect & disease issues

Aphids, mites, squash insects, cucumber beetles, alternaria leaf spot, fusarium wilt, anthracnose, and curly top are a number of the issues home gardeners must be looking for. Go to our pest trouble solver for images, descriptions and an entire listing of secure, powerful remedies.

Seed saving advice

Seed saving advice

Watermelons like to cross pollinate, so isolate half mile from other types to keep purity. While fruit is prepared to consume, the seeds also are mature. Accumulate seeds and wash lightly with a slight dishwashing cleaning soap. Rinse very well and allow drying.

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