pruning pumpkin Plants |Pumpkin Pruning

Pruning Pumpkin Plants

Pruning Pumpkin Plants. When choosing a site for growing massive pumpkins, remember that you need a pile of space with as much sunlight as possible. Plant pumpkin seeds in a large hill or hill that is 1.5 to 1.8 meters high. Build the mound by mixing soil and compost equally. The mound should be at … Read more

When to plant pumpkins? | Pumpkin Planting Guide

When To Plant Pumpkins?

When To Plant Pumpkins? Autumn is all about the sight of pumpkins adorning the veranda. Bright white pumpkins, deep orange jack-o-lanterns and dainty pumpkins are waiting to be turned into cakes, and there are many varieties to choose from. In order to prepare for the autumn decoration, it is important to plan and plant pumpkins … Read more

Pumpkin Companion Plants, Pumpkin Harvest

Pumpkin Companion Plants

Pumpkin Companion Plants, growing pumpkins is surprisingly easy, which makes it a great way to introduce your children to the world of gardening. Whether you want a tiny decorative pumpkin for a table centerpiece or the big prize, winning the pumpkin that Almanzo grows for Farmer Boy is easy to grow and harvest. It is … Read more

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