What are Evergreens?

Add color and character in your landscape with evergreen trees, the ideal pick for 12 months round visual interest and stylish ease. Whether you select the enduring thuja green giant or one of our many holly trees, you will have a clean, richly hued appearance that makes a timeless statement.

What actually evergreen trees are?

Evergreen trees

Evergreen trees continue to be green year round and never drop the leaves from them, regardless of the climate. Trees that only keep their foliage year round in hotter climates also are known as evergreen trees for the reason that they are intended for particular growing zones.

How to plant evergreen trees

Plant evergreen trees

Even though particular directions will vary from tree to tree, understanding your growing area is an essential first step. Once you’ve decided your growing area, keep daylight and watering needs in mind to your evergreen trees. Most pick full sun to partial solar (everywhere from four to eight hours of daylight per day) and properly drained soil, however take a look at the guidelines for the particular evergreen tree you have bought.

Your fertilizing and pruning desires will range as well, however lots of them do not require pruning except you want to form them.

From there, the real planting technique is simple. Choose a place with nicely drained soil, dig a hole big enough to deal with the tree’s root ball (in conjunction with a few more width for mature growth), place your tree and backfill the hole. Finish through watering the surrounding soil and mulching to conserve moisture on your evergreen trees.

How to trim evergreen trees and when to plant

Trim evergreen trees

As far as when to plant, we usually suggest early spring or fall… Earlier than or after the risk of frost has surpassed. As long as the ground isn’t frozen, but, your evergreen trees must be fine.

Additionally, keep in mind the mature top and width of your evergreen trees, and plant them faraway from sidewalks, power traces, and systems.

As we stated, many evergreen trees will not require pruning, however getting rid of useless, diseased or damaged limbs is crucial. In case you’re pruning for shaping functions, make sure you are using smooth, sterilized shears and keep away from starting off an excessive amount of the growth.

All of our evergreen trees are cautiously organized and could adapt fast and without problems to any soil or weather. We provide fast growing selections with advanced resistance to pests and illnesses and proper drought tolerance. This practice and excellent rooting permit you to be successful and enjoy growing your new evergreen trees!

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