When to trim maple trees? Maple tree information and more tree pruning

When To Trim Maple Trees? As a proud homeowner passionate about cultivating an elegant row of well-trimmed trees and shrubs, you may wonder when is the best time to cut your trees, shrubs and shrubs. Do not be afraid, because the tree pruning experts of all the above tree services are here to give you the answers you are looking for. 

When Is the Best Time to Prune or Trim Your Trees? 

Whatever you do, try to avoid pruning maple trees in autumn, as wet conditions and falling leaves are a breeding ground for several maple disease diseases. The best time to prune your maples is late winter and early spring, but you can also try pruning them before they bloom in spring. They can also be pruned in late summer to shape them, slow down the growth of certain branches and get rid of dead limbs. 

When to Trim White Pine Trees 

It is recommended to cut white pines in late winter or early spring. These are ideal times to trim them because it is low season during their growth – if you trim them during the growing season, you have an increased risk of fungal infection. 

When to Prune Apple Trees 

Avoid pruning apple trees in autumn, as pruning stimulates new growth, while the tree should be closed for the winter. If you cut them in late winter, you should cut them in spring and summer because they are needed to fight the disease. 

When to Prune Crabapple Trees 

In late winter or early spring, the crab trees should be pruned – ideally while the tree is still asleep, but extreme cold is no longer a threat. 

When to Prune Cherry Trees 

Beginning stimulates rapid healing, rather than allowing wounds to remain open and open for long. Cherry trees should be pruned in late winter or early spring when the buds break off. When pruning cherry trees before cherry blossoms, the buds begin to swell. 

When to Trim Cherry Blossom Trees 

However, you can prune your cherry blossom trees all year round if you need it elsewhere. It is recommended to prune young cherry blossoms on trees in spring, and established cherry blossom trees should be pruned back in summer. 

When to Prune Lilac Bushes 

The best time to prune the lilac bushes is late winter or early spring. Ripe lilac bushes can also be pruned in spring, shortly after the flowers have faded. 

When to Trim Holly Bushes 

It is recommended to prune holly trees in early spring, although generally you can prune or prune them when you need to shape them or remove dead branches. 

When to Prune Willow Bushes 

Depending on the weather, a willow bush can be pruned as early as the end of November. Cut it back at the beginning of winter before it goes to sleep. The best time to prune willow bushes is in early winter. 

When to Trim Juniper Bushes 

Juniper bushes can be pruned throughout the year, but it is recommended to prune them more aggressively in winter or early spring before the juniper starts to grow again.

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